Revolting Europe

There’s been significant progress for equality in Spain, particulary under the last Socialist government, but austerity measures since May 2010 and the policies of the current right wing government of Mariano Rajoy threaten to roll back gains.

Here’s a few figures just published by trade union central Comisiones Obreras that show the huge gender gap that still needs to close

 Women at Work

  •  Women comprise 96% of the total population that don’t seek work for the principal reason of caring for children, adults, ill, immobile or elderly
  • The main reason (40%) for not working are ‘domestic responsibilities’ compared to being a  ‘pensioner or early retirement’ for men (60%)
  •  Employment rate among women is 11.6 percentage points lower than for men
  • Unemployment affected young women in particular: 7 out 10 female 16-19 year olds are jobless and four out of 10 for those of ages 20-24
  • 51% of Spain’s jobless are women…

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